A Brief Summary Until Now, Pt.1

Detective work, journeying, fighting, and... Granny Slaying?

Excuse my not summarizing until now – I’ll get started.

After awakening and hearing the extent of their wounds, The Mammoth conjured some bright-tasting potions that, along with an almost unhealthy dose of tough love, got Aus-Grah-Zoor and Xenil back on their feet – Katniss, Monchichi, and Renzo passed out from exhaustion and more critical wounds. Once up, the pair was introduced to three other members of the group: Jenkins, Arya, and Twitch. Twitch is a Thri-Kreen Monk that was raised by The Mammoth alongside Xenil, and as such, was already well-acquainted with him. Arya is an Elf Sorcerer, who was caught in the middle of the fighting, and was seeking revenge. Jenkins, however, simply saw a profitable endeavor with the group and used Arya’s excuse to join the party.
Now on their feet, the group headed out to the area of the battle, to investigate the region and see if they could find evidence of what happened, and of where the group went. There, Aus briefly found himself in a bit of a scuffle with the Mage’s Guild, but was quickly pulled aside by Xenil and company to go talk to the High Commandant, who was there.
High Commandant Laracal Nathon is a well-known figure to those in Justalyne, as the highest-ranking man in the military, and head of the Military Council, making him the second most powerful man in the nation. Upon seeing the group, he recognized them as The Mammoth’s men, and told them to go to the capitol, talk to the Council as witnesses, and then disband. Upon returning to The Mammoth, he told them that HE was going to go to the capitol, and to instead gather the last things the party needed, and to follow “the burnt path.”
Not quite getting what he meant, the group headed out to pick up supplies, and to then meet up at the battle site. Aus-Grah-Zoor, trying to get a message across to the group while running his errands, created a ruckus in the middle of the street, prompting an elderly woman to slap him. As retribution to what he perceived as an unprovoked assault, he smote her where she stood with his flail, and was arrested for the crime of First-Degree Granny-Slaying. Learning about the incident, The Mammoth, who was beginning to pack up, gave the group a note to give to the police. Upon giving the police the note, they released Aus on the condition that he make amends to atone for his crime with her only surviving heir, her grandson.
When he arrived to the house, he saw the young boy of 16 getting ready to kill himself, seeing as how he had already lost his parents, and now has lost all he had left; what’s more, from his house, he saw the granny-slaying take place. Aus, trying to convince the lad to join Falcon Light, to have a future, as a way to make up for what he did, only managed to convince the boy to think about hit; however, since Aus wanted to be sure, he attempted to grab the boy, then chased after him, seized him, and knocked him out. He then took the boy to The Mammoth, who heard the full story and the situation, and who then proceeded to take the boy in, but not before reprimanding The Paladin with a blow to the head, leaving a temporary scar saying “Granny-Slaying Kidnapper” on his forehead. And with that, The Mammoth left, and Falcon Light was left to find this path.
Thankfully, due to a stroke of pure genius from Jenkins, and an eagle eye on the part of Twitch, a scorched line was found running along the ground, and it was deduced that this was made by the blade that The Mammoth had sealed, which seemed to magically burn whatever touched it. It was deduced that this blade was magically suspended, but badly done, so as to necessitate dragging it across the ground, rather than perfectly suspending it in mid-air; therefore, the group must have lacked a proper mage.
And so the Band of Eight followed the line, with Monchichi, Katniss, Arya, and Renzo getting distracted and falling behind. After 3 days of travel, the group was ambushed by what at first seemed to be a band of bandits. Fighting valiantly, Xenil, Aus, and Twitch quickly noticed that the “bandits” were actually well-trained warriors, thus probably mercenaries, but due to their ragged condition, they had been lost for a while, and took to banditry to sustain themselves. The skirmishers of the group fell one-by-one, leaving the well-armored boss alone to fight, and in the ensuing fight, Twitch used his telekinetic powers to drive the man insane, resulting in, amongst other things, the man stabbing himself in the gut with the blunt end of the halberd, then running it straight into Aus-Grah Zoor, stabbing him through the gut as well with the head of the weapon. The crazed fighter then began to pummel erratically the Dragonborn, going so far as to snap off his arm and stab the Paladin in the clavicle with the bone shards, and biting him in the snout until his jaw broke. He then threw both of them to the ground, pinning Aus, and then flailed on his body until he seized and died. An inch away from death, Xenil patched up Aus-Grah-Zoor, and allowed the Paladin to finish healing himself afterwards. Mentally disturbed by what happened, Aus-Grah-Zoor took the halberd and buried the man, taking with him the halberd, a picture locket of the man with his wife and daughter in an unknown land, and the haunting memory of an individual truly driven insane biting, bashing, and stabbing-with-bone him to the brink of death.
And it was with that that our heroes continued their journey, following the path ahead.



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