A Falcon Light Emerges

The Journey Begins

The city of Justalyne: the former capital of the Justalyne Empire, it lies to the south of the continent. There is almost nothing in this city that cannot be found if you look hard enough. On this day, the heroes of this campaign, unaware of the machinations of fate, have arrived for their own varying reasons. Katniss, the Shifter Druid, camping outside the city limits, caught a rabbit at 4 in the morning, and then after collecting materials, manages to craft a bow which, upon being strung, spontaneously combusts, almost setting fire to herself and her rabbit pelt, and paying an unfortunate homage to her early-morning bowyer skills. Meanwhile, as the morning comes, Aus-Gra-Zoor awakes, and makes his way to the Temple of Bahamut; after talking to the guard, and convincing him of his honor and faith, the guard gives him a copy of the key in awe of Zoor’s awesome Paladin might, and allows him entry. Inside, Zoor prays to Bahamut for guidance, and in doing so falls asleep at His feet – Bahamut then graces his dreams, and tells him that today, he will meet others with whom he will begin a long and epic journey. As he wakes and finds himself surrounded by priests and fellow followers, in a nearby inn, a humble Eldarin Bard by the name of (Francisco’s PC) sings for a few hours to earn money, while a Deva Wizard by the name of Monchichi slowly eats her morning meal, looking up only to see who enters and leaves the inn, to see who poses a threat and who should just be ignored.

As the day progresses, the four individuals begin their day by wandering around the city, stubbornly refusing to ask directions at first (and thus getting lost), but then gather the courage to ask where the shops are, so that they may continue to buy their own supplies and items. As the day progresses, Zoor and the Bard bump into each other while looking for materials, and immediately hit it off, embarking on a trip to go eat food and get supplies at the Bazaar. As the Druid rips off a Shaman for her equipment, Zoor’s generosity makes him a welcome member of the city, even with his being “nothing but Scaly Scum.” As the night comes, and the four converge in The Knight’s Fight Inn and spend some quality time enjoying the Bard’s music and the Paladin’s generosity, a mysterious man enters and tips the Innkeeper as he asks for some food. This man, upon being asked by the Dragonborn to join them, reveals himself to be Xenil Orion, a local of sorts, and partakes of their company, agreeing to show them the next day around town, and to show them The Grand March, a parade celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Just Revolution.

As he tells them of the parade, of the war-winning weapons exhibited, a wave of cries breaks through the crowd as people in the crowd begin to brandish weapons and scream in a language unknown to those present. The men and women then start a riot, with the Party of Five diving into the fray to protect the people and stop the madness. As police pour in, and the fight spills over to City Hall Road, ruckus is heard from City Hall, followed by an explosion which levels the building and causes damage to some of the buildings around it. From the ash cloud six silhouettes emerged, and charged towards the group of warriors, ruthlessly and effortlessly tossing them around and defeating them with powerful weapons. Suddenly, one of them emerges and draws an ominous-looking blade. As the players lose consciousness, an enormous man steps into the fray, and wielding awesome magics, attacks the evil blade and the group of bandits, resulting in their casual retreat, which is seemingly covered by the non-stop seas of fighting.

As the players wake up, they find themselves bedridden in the Inn, and see The Mammoth arguing with High Commandant Laracal Nathon, the second most powerful man in the country, and the highest ranking military general. After he storms off, The Mammoth turns to the players and tells them of their wounds: of Katniss’s boiled, liquified organs, of Aus-Gra-Zoor’s disintegrated skeleton, of Monchichi’s perfectly pierced vital organs, and of the Bard’s numberous wounds. Here walks in Xenil, bandaged and in crutches, and explains that they have to get up to see what happened. Once the group agreed to act, they were forcibly and aggressively healed, and then inducted as the newest members of the clan-turned-guild, Falcon Light. And so our heroes begin their world-changing journey into the unknown, to face a danger unlike any other, and to defeat an old evil that has reared its head into the world once more.



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