Another day, another... SQUIRREL!

Why my late-at-night attention span needs a bit of a tweek

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So, today, I’ve tried putting in some more hours in fleshing out the site, but sadly, I wasn’t even fully done with updating Rene’s character that I found myself distracted with looking up D&D resources to try to simplify some stuff, such as people looking up powers and stuff. It was at this moment at around 2am (of course) that I suddenly stumbled onto an ideal site called Mad Brew Labs that had links to everything I ever needed; minutes later, and I found myself neck-deep in awesome new stuff to try out.
First, I tried out the different custom character sheets people have made for their own campaigns, and put online for others to use. Next, to try to solve the powers-issue, I found a collection of D&D character and race power cards. Finally, to solve my own problems with class-making, I found a character-creator program complete with a power-card creator. This last one took up my sweet time till around 6:45am, with the end result being a rough draft of a formal presentation for the Arcane Warrior class! Stupid printer ran out of colored ink this time, as opposed to simply running out of black, so its black and white and stuff, but its still awesome!
So, back to the site. Sadly, the site was on maintenance starting from 6am (I wrote this rant in a notepad doc to kill time while the site came back), so there’s a good chunk of usable time that I think I’m going to use to flesh out the Shieldwarden a bit more (although, no one indulged me in choosing the class, so it only serves to flesh out any NPC which I may decide will pertain to said class). Once the site comes back online, and I publish this post, I’ll get to work on finishing Rene’s character stats, and then going on to putting up Paqui’s and Edu’s as a priority, seeing as how they are the one’s who need this the most…
Anyways, back to work!

EDIT: Done with Eduardo’s and Francisco’s character’s info. Only caveat is, you guys (once you accept the invites, and I give you control of your characters) need to type up your backstories in the appropriate section (hint: click “edit” on your character). I’ve also put up notes in the notes section of the character sheets (lower-left corner), read them for info.



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