I Am Disappoint, Son/Daughter, and Other Details.

So, just a small bit about a few things. First off, this next Saturday’ll be the next D&D game at my house, starting at 1pm. For food, we could have pizza, but alternatively, we can carpool to someplace nearby for a break – maybe with a movie.

Second, in regards to people coming to D&D, Rene’s mass text really said it all, but I just wanna point out I’m not angry or anything, just a tad bit disappointed. There was a lot prepared, and a lot of preparation made, for last time, and not many came and stayed. Duly noted, I don’t expect all of you to arrive at exactly 1pm, or to stay over until 3am; however, it would be nice to have people stay without suddenly having to go in a heartbeat, especially when they arrived late, and to have most, if not everyone, at the table by 1:30pm. It would be equally irrational for me to assume that things don’t happen suddenly and without note, or for people to not have anything else to do. All I ask is that in either case, you contact me ASAP to let me know personally, so that I can plan with that in mind. If you’d have an easier time some other day of the week, a heads-up in that direction would also be cool; although my house is off-limits weekdays, we can always work something out at someone else’s place, or something. Finally, I know that a lot of you have issues with rides to and from home – I am willing, as always, to taxi people who need taxiing, and I’m sure that Rene can do so too for people in Condado.

Also, I applaud the people reading this message, cause it means that you’ve probably taken time to use Facebook to sign up for the site, so you can follow the awesomeness, and do at least look at my ramblings from time to time!

On another note, story-wise, this week is going to be interesting for some of you guys, in a cool way. I’m just saying, if your character has a back-story already, the cogs of fate might start moving soon for you…

(picture copyrighted by Hyperbole and a Half – which, by the way, is an AWESOME blog!)



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