The Mammoth


An enormous example of humanity, its hard to believe at first that this man is pure human and not a half-giant. Towering over most people, and more well-built than possibly even a minotaur, if it were not for this man’s fuzzy appearance, and his kind nature, he would probably have been exiled as a threat to society long ago due to sheer fear of his size. He wears a large, brown, woolly overcoat, and a pair of elaborately adorned goggles hanging from his neck. He has a full white beard, and a long, fuzzy pony tail arraigned from the hair that grows in a horseshoe-shape on his head, surrounding the central bald region. Tattooed on the back of his neck are two central black lines running down either side of his spine, with ornate curves branching off them. The lines curve run to the base of his head, and then split and follow his well-defined jaw line, and then bend down and run parallel down the front of his neck and continue to his chest; at the collarbone, another line from each line branches off and runs along the collarbone, hidden under his clothes. The same style of line, however, runs along his wrists and breaks into an elaborate symbol on the back of his hands, which connects to another symbol on the center of his palms.
His eyes are green, with red streaks, and seem to look through you, sometimes as if reading you, other times as if there were something more interesting behind you.


Not much is known about The Mammoth’s past, other than that he adopted and raised various kids that were orphaned, including Xenil and (Eduardo’s character). Although only those two are known, it is said that the others are all very successful, and very powerful, individuals that have since gone on separate paths.

The Mammoth

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